Intruder Alarms

Keeping false activations to a minimum increases the effectiveness of any intruder system as neighbours will quickly ignore an alarm sounder once they’ve heard it sounding repeatedly for no apparent reason. That’s why we use only the the finest equipment to ensure we keep our false alarm rate to an absolute minimum.

One of the main causes of false activations of Intruder alarm systems is User Error, this is not necessarily the fault of the end user but is often through lack of the correct training.

We actively encourage user training and offer return visits to refresh end users on the finer details of the systems we install.

The use of “Proximity Tags” instead of a code number is something becoming increasingly popular, especially for those with impaired vision or lack of mobility.

Proximity tags are coded tags which can be attached to a keyring, and when presented to the user keypad will arm or disarm the system.

Where possible we promote the use of Dual technology detectors in all of our intruder systems. Dual Technology detectors use two different types of technology (Usually Passive infra red and Microwave) in one compact unit to filter out potential causes of false activations, namely insects, reflected sunlight, draughts and convected heat sources.